Setral Chemie GmbH

Salzsteinstrasse 4
82402 Seeshaupt

Being an innovativ producer of high performance lubricants, setral Chemie GmbH supports our customers to gain effectiv profit by using high quality solutions. ECCO, the parent company of the Setral, continuously developed a further trading area in the past years beside the production and the selling of high performance lubricants: The production of industrial high performance fibers on the basis of regenerating raw materials, preferably flax and hemp.

Company Name: Setral Chemie GmbH
Street: Salzsteinstrasse 4
City: Seeshaupt
Zip: 82402
Country/Region: Germany
E-Mail: Get Quote
Business Type: Manufacturer
Management: Karl-Heinz Hensel
Silvia Hübner
Export Markets: Worldwide
Number of Employees: 100
Year Founded: 1969
Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001